“American wine drinkers are coming together to make a difference”.  The program created by NakedWines team called Angel has more than 100,000 members today, after you use the $100 voucher to make your first purchase, they will offer to you this optional subscription program asking to become an Angel.

They are charging today $40 monthly deposit to become an Angel. This value is sent into your NakedWines.com “piggy bank”. You can use this money at any time to buy bottles from talented winemakers at a special cost with up to 60% off retail. By funding winemakers upfront they are able to remove a huge chunk of costs that in a traditional wine business would be passed on to you, the customer. Costs like sales and marketing.

It also means the winemaker can spend more time in the vineyard and less in the office. Which means the wines taste better. It’s a win, win.

And because winemakers apply to collaborate with NakedWines.com, the company gets to pick and choose from the best of the best to work with. Currently, they partner with well over 150 independent winemakers, many with pretty impressive famous-name pedigrees.

Being an Angel, you will get a gift bottle every month! Each month the winemakers reward Angels with a gift bottle of something nice. It’s popped straight in your online basket ready for when you order a case. A small thank you for making a big difference.

Another really cool feature is that on each wine’s page, Angels and customers can rate and review the wines. More than once, I noticed that winemakers themselves had responded to customer reviews, adding in details and sharing knowledge.

The Angel program itself can seem a little confusing because there isn’t another membership service quite like it, so if you have additional questions leave them in the comments, or check out the handy FAQ.

 Get a $100 voucher at Nakedwines.com here.

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