Compare gas prices at 12,107 stations on GetUpside. Then use GetUpside to pay even less than the sign price! Get exclusive deals on car washes, oil changes, other auto services, and convenience store items. Download now or use the referral code Q8MMH and get an EXTRA $0.15/gal cash back for your first gas station usage.

What exactly is GetUpside?

The GetUpside application is designed to connect businesses and customers. Gas stations can use the app to attract customers with cash back offers by partnering with GetUpside so that they can be added on the app.

Customers can also benefit from the application by shopping at stores that allow them to save money through discounts. You will need to prove that you made a purchase that had cash back offered before you can cash out with the app. The process of claiming an offer is fast and straightforward.

GetUpside locations

The services and workings of GetUpside are geographically limited to businesses and customers in these 41 states (at the time of writing). However, the app is constantly expanding, so the list of locations continues to grow.

How Does GetUpside Work?

You can download the GetUpside app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store as long as you are in the US. Although you can download the app regardless of your location, you can only use it within the geographical locations specified earlier. If you live in the said states, download the GetUpside app and sign up. It is free of charge. You can sign up using your email or Facebook. The process takes no longer than a minute.

Find businesses with cash back offers

On the app, you will see the list of gas stations in your location that have cash back offers on GetUpside. These include also few restaurants and grocery stores. Click on where you want to buy gas or shop and the app will show you how much money back you can get. You will see the original price of the commodity and the discount that the app enables you to score.

With gas, customers have a variety of outlets to refill at, since most of the major brands are participating in the GetUpside service. These include Shell, BP, and Exxon/Mobile. Whichever is your favorite gasoline brand, you can be sure GetUpside will beat down the price. Sadly things are different when it comes to supermarkets and eateries. There is a limiting list of options for shopping and dining joints.

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